Employer and Individual Testing Services

At ASAP Testing we provide a variety of employer and individual testing services. Whether you need pre-employment, random or post accident drug testing, we are here to provide you with fast services and accurate results. 

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Drug Test

For a variety of reasons, drug testing is an important element of the hiring process and routine maintenance of a business. Drug Testing is considered to be the most effective preventive technique for ensuring workplace safety. Employee drug use raises the risk of an accident, so it is critical to do everything you can to ensure it doesn’t happen in your workplace.

Moreover, if your business is regulated by the Department of Labor or Department of Transportation, then you are required to drug test your employers as well as schedule regular physical exams.

Types of Drug Tests We Provide

Urine Testing

The test can show the presence of drug metabolites in a person’s body even after the effect of a drug have worn off. 

Oral Fluid Testing

Salvia Test can detect use that has been extremely recent — ranging from a few minutes to about 48 hours

Hair Testing

The test can detect repeat drug use up to a 90-day window. It can also be used to find out hoe long ago the drug was used. 

When is Drug Testing Required?

There are four typical needs for employment drug testing

Pre-employment Testing

Job candidates have to take this drug test after they receive their job offer but before they start their first day at work. During the pre-employment screening, employees can decide which type of drug test to use: urine, hair, salvia or other drug tests. 

Reasonable Suspicion Testing

The drug test might be performed if an employer has a reasonable cause to suspect an employee of drug use.

Random Testing

Employer randomly select one or more employees included in a company’s drug-testing program to take a random drug test

Post-Accident Testing

If an employee was involved in a workplace accident, a drug test is required to determine whether drugs were a factor in the accident.

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Employer and Individual Testing Services

Breath Alcohol

This test is commonly called a “breathalyzer” or a “BAT,” is an instant screening that determines precisely how much alcohol a person has in their breath. Breath alcohol testing is recognized as one of the fastest and simplest ways to detect the alcohol use.

In a workplace, breath alcohol test can be required if an employee was involved in an accident, or be used as a part of workplace alcohol testing programs. Companies often need to test a person before, during or after work to ensure safety and/or compliance with government regulations

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DNA Testing

At ASAP testing the provide you with reliable DNA Results. If you need legally-admissible testing, a paternity test or simply interested in learning more about your genealogy, ASAP Testing can help you with that.

The DNA will be collected via salvia sample.

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